How and Why I Tag Trees

We plant a lot of trees around here, especially this time of year as temps warm yet the rain continues to fall. But the trouble with this is two fold:

  1. The little tags that come with the seedlings disintegrate within a year or less.
  2. The need to keep track of what and when is important so I can track progress and health.

To solve both problems, we use these great little aluminum tags that will outlast the trees. They come with everything you need to tie the tags onto the trees.



Tags Impress O Tag by Amekron
Tools Blunt Pencil, Writing Surface
Skills Handwriting, Basic Grammar

What to Write

I use a blunt pencil and scribe in the planting date, the genus and species along with the short name and nursery. Then I loosely tie them around a lower branch of the tree.

Securing the Tags

Be careful to tie them in a location that prevents the wind from blowing them off. I learned the hard way, that tags fly like kites when not affixed below a branch or other junction.

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