My Creative Exploration and Generation of Ideas

In conditions of new ideas and working assignments, creatives experience both renewable pastures, flowing with honey and milk and or huge desert scenery, dry as far out as can be seen. This article describes how to work with both.

Cascades Highway Opening Day 2016

With this video I take a mini adventure into the Cascades on opening day (2016) of the North Cascades Highway. I snowshoe to the Washington Pass Overlook right at the tail-end of an avalanche.

How to Make Seed Balls from Old Packets of Seed

With this video I describe the way I make seed balls with packets of old seeds that are past their ideal germination period.

Motivated by Masanobu Fukuoka’s “One Straw Revolution, ” I show how to make seed balls from the most simple of materials and by using a five gallon bucket.

New Hive Inspection With Kids

In this video I check in on the health and vitality of the two new colonies of Carniolans I installed about three weeks ago. I have a little beekeeper apprentice working along side me this time.

Garden Update: Brassicas Saved

My last garden updated described an issue where all of my brassicas were being devoured by an unknown pest. Thanks to great advice from other viewers, I think I have figured out the low cost, natural cure to the problem.

Installing Package Bees the Easy Way

This video records two methods for introducing another bundle of bees. One way exhibits the more customary strategy for shaking the honey bees from the bundle into the Langstroth Hive. The other strategy exhibits how to just place the new honey bee bundle specifically into the hive.

Designing a Permaculture Garden Plan

You realize the patterns of traffic across the property; where you spend the majority of your time and the pathways you walk across most frequently. Now you’re most likely prepared to set about designing your ultimate permaculture garden plan. This post goes into detail where to start, the tools I use and what to consider as you put together your plan.