My last garden updated described an issue where all of my brassicas were being devoured by an unknown pest. Thanks to great advice from other viewers, I think I have figured out the low cost, natural cure to the problem.

In this video I provide a basic update on the vitality of the garden and describe the use of Agribon / Reemay Floating Row Cover.

Music provided under a Creative Commons Attribution license (

Farmstead Life in Autumn

Farmstead Life in Autumn

Autumn highlights a changing rhythm. Visitors become less of a fixture in downtown, school buses resume their morning and afternoon routes, and islanders begin to mingle about the cafés and parks again.

How to Make Seed Balls from Old Packets of Seed

With this video I describe the way I make seed balls with packets of old seeds that are past their ideal germination period.

Motivated by Masanobu Fukuoka’s “One Straw Revolution, ” I show how to make seed balls from the most simple of materials and by using a five gallon bucket.

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