After countless attempts and various techniques, one of our Muscovy Ducks has hatched out two new ducklings.

Muscovy ducks require an incubation time of about thirty-five days. It’s a taxing and restless time for the duck as she must protect the eggs, whilst keeping them at 100º for the entire cycle. Our little momma has done a fabulous job keeping these eggs protected.

Rich is the reward.

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Mastitis Treatment without Antibiotics

In this video, I share an update on our progress with treating for mastitis for one of our Jersey Dairy Cows. We are doing everything possible to avoid using antibiotics and so far the signs are positive.

Raising Muscovy Ducks and Their Behaviors

If you ask me, ducks are incredibly social animals. The Muscovy is not an exception to this rule. Within this particular video, Ilford, one of our own male Muscovy, and I exchange greetings. Here he shows how sociable cultural|public|communal} this breed {can in fact} be.|Here he {shows} how {interpersonal|sociable|cultural|public|communal} this breed can be actually.}

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