Filled with the vigor that comes with hope, I dance about the rain-soaked landscape of my mind. Comforted by the shelter this one-hundred-year-old white farmhouse provides, my thoughts are filled with the possibilities this life unveils. Outside, the rain falls on mulched garden beds and sheltered greens. Wind snaps through a tattered flag. Inside, the warmth envelopes me and awakens my soul. Fall has arrived.

The light has shortened to ten hours. Soon the darkness will outlast the day. My list has grown shorter, and activities like painting and baking pick up momentum. Fall has arrived.

What was a fitness maintained by the work of this land, now shifts to the cardiovascular development through which a running program inspires. I run to stimulate mitochondrial growth and awaken the mind. The steady rhythm of my gliding steps opens the neuropathways of creativity. The cadence of my breath enlightens new possibilities and connects open-ended ideas. The personal ethics of my work brings about developments of my mind. The steady flow of enriched fluids in my veins resolves unanswered questions from the days behind. Fall has arrived.

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How to Thresh Grain In San Juan County, WA

Rye was carried to the Americas by British and Dutch settlers. Today, rye is now harder and harder to find as American’s have generally lost the taste for this hardy cereal, today preferring a lot more ready-made whole wheat grains in abundance on market cabinets. This post describes rye’s history and the practice of grain threshing.

Free Drip Irrigation System for Distant Unestablished Chestnut Trees

Many nut trees and shrubs are incredibly drought tolerant after they mature. However, the first four to five years they might need a good amount of hydration to get proven with vast root systems. Utilize this technique to gradually deep water your brand-new trees with no need for costly and labor-intensive drip irrigation systems.

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