The Value of Quackgrass | Elytrigia repens (L.) Nevski

Is your property covered with quackgrass? Has mowing lost its luster? Have you ever wondered if quackgrass has any nutritional value? In this article I compare some of the common feedstuffs in use for ruminants and other grazing livestock. Plus free grazing calculator.

How and Why I Tag Trees

We plant a lot of trees around here, especially this time of year as temps warm yet the rain continues to fall. But the trouble with this is two fold. This post describes how and why I tag trees around the homestead.

Muscovy Duck Breeding Behaviors

The Muscovy Duck can be a strange duck indeed. They are incredibly personable, pursuing one around like as a puppy dog. This specific drake is no exception.

Following the Seahawks Into Cold Air

Departing Friday Harbor Airport. Six airports later I arrive in Minnesota. It just so happens the Seattle Seahawks will be en route at the same time. During my travel I ran into a fantastic musician named Jasper T.

Sheet Mulch Rings

Using sheet mulch find out how to build soil in even the most inhospitable land with simple free organic materials.