In this video I take a mini adventure into the Cascades on opening day of the North Cascades Highway. I snowshoe out to the Washington Pass Overlook and experience the tail-end of an avalanche.

Stunning views…

How to Thresh Grain In San Juan County, WA

Rye was carried to the Americas by British and Dutch settlers. Today, rye is now harder and harder to find as American’s have generally lost the taste for this hardy cereal, today preferring a lot more ready-made whole wheat grains in abundance on market cabinets. This post describes rye’s history and the practice of grain threshing.

Following the Seahawks Into Cold Air

Departing Friday Harbor Airport. Six airports later I arrive in Minnesota. It just so happens the Seattle Seahawks will be en route at the same time. During my travel I ran into a fantastic musician named Jasper T.

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