In the Olympic National Forest learning about natural forest guilds and their natural progression towards sustainable self reliance.

Every opportunity is an opportunity to teach and learn. In this video the kids and I observe the natural companion plantings within a rainforest. We talk about the “Over Story,” “MidStory,” “Understory,” ground cover and other naturally occurring elements within an integrated system.

Shocking Reality About Training Wheels

If you have children and are even considering teaching them how to ride a bike, I urge you to consider a balance bike first and foremost. These bikes will save your children the trouble of unlearning all the bad habits they develop with training-wheel equipped bicycles.

My Creative Exploration and Generation of Ideas

In conditions of new ideas and working assignments, creatives experience both renewable pastures, flowing with honey and milk and or huge desert scenery, dry as far out as can be seen. This article describes how to work with both.

How to Make Seed Balls from Old Packets of Seed

With this video I describe the way I make seed balls with packets of old seeds that are past their ideal germination period.

Motivated by Masanobu Fukuoka’s “One Straw Revolution, ” I show how to make seed balls from the most simple of materials and by using a five gallon bucket.

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